Top 10 Posing Tips For Fitness Models

If you’ve ever wanted to look and be Sexxy in heels as you walk in front of an audience, take a look at my Top 10 Posing Tips for Fitness Models.

1. When walking always hold your shoulders down and back, chest out

2. Practice dancing and movement in front of mirror

3. Amplify your body and poses; stick your butt out, angle your side pose as if you were really stretching sideways

4. Walk with FLAIR!! BAM!

5. Put the swing in your Hips – think fluid sexy movements!

6. Practice pivot turns – try twirling around in your heels for better pivot turns

7. Judges are looking to see broad shoulders, tiny waist and lifted glutes

8. Arms are long, lean..and no ‘Claw’ fingers

9. Remember, the judges are always watching you! Even when standing at the back – doing a subtle posture shift is always a good idea 🙂

10. SMILE SMILE!!! Once you step on the stage- you are “ALWAYS ON”

For more training tips on how to build your fitness model physique visit:

Juanita Mary English

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