Summer ‘Glow’

“Summer Glow-on”

Summer is ‘almost’ officially here! That means it’s time to get your ‘Glow-on’- skin that is! For most of us having that flawless summer glow means having radiant sun-kissed skin all over.

So how do we get that gorgeous glow? I’m going to share some tips so you can flaunt your best skin – naturally.

Let’s start with the basics; Beautiful skin starts from the inside out and while it’s important to maintain your skin on the outside, it is especially important to nourish it from the inside.  Here are a few important tips to guide you on your way to beautiful glowing skin.

HYDRATION;                                                                                                                                                It’s no surprise that the summer heat can bring along with it- dry skin and that is why we need to stay hydrated during the hot summer months.  What is the best way to stay hydrated? Well if you’re thinking ‘ Mojito’s ‘- while that sounds fun, it is best in moderation; the most important way to hydrate is of course-  water and plenty of it. I recommend about 2L a day and more if participating in outdoor activities, I would then recommend 2-4L or more per day. Remember while it is important to drink water to hydrate, is to also important to replace lost minerals that have been sweated out with Electrolytes (Vega Sport Hydrator). If you’re having sports drinks, try the natural sports drinks with no added chemicals and artificial sweeteners as these will contribute to poor skin quality over time.

Another important component to Hydration is ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (EFA’S). Essential fatty acids are extremely beneficial for radiant skin. It’s Anti inflammatory properties helps regenerate cells – great for skin!   

ANTIOXIDANTS;                                                                                                                                           What antioxidants do is prevent damage to the cells and tissues. To help protect our skin from free radical damage it’s important to incorporate antioxidant vitamins and herbs into our daily diets. Vitamin A, C, E + SELENIUM an also CoQ10 and ALPHA LIPOIC ACID are all beneficial to help prevent free radical damage as well as Micro Algae’s like Spirulina (my fav), and  herbs like Aloe Vera, Bilberry, Garlic, Mangosteen, Goji Berries, Green Tea, Acai’, and Raw Cacao!There will a noticeable difference in the skin’s appearance over a short period of time once these amazing antioxidants are added to your supplement regime.   

I will delve deeper into the skin ‘cleansing’ in an upcoming ‘Cleansing for Detoxification’ Blog.


PROTECTION;                                                                                                                                             It’s just as important to protect our skin on the outside as it is to nourish it from the inside. When it comes to protecting your skin on the outside, using Natural skin care products is key; we often hear ‘make sure you wear adequate amounts of sunscreen’ but is it really doing your skin and body any good if the sunscreen product your using is loaded with toxic chemicals? Protect your skin from endocrine-disrupting chemicals and opt for Natural alternatives when it comes to choosing your sunscreens for ‘protection’. There are many to choose from at your local Organic Markets.

Here are some of my top picks for Bronzers and makeup:

ü  Aveda

ü  Burt’s Bee’s

ü  Bronzo Organic Sun Care

ü  Eminence

ü  Glo Minerals

ü  Goddess Garden

ü  Juice Beauty

ü  Lavera Organic Skin Care

ü  Logona Naturkosmetik **

ü  Zuii Makeup **

These are all a great variety of sunscreens, bronzers and so much more! Now that we have all the essentials of getting our ‘Glow-on’ it’s time to enjoy and have fun!!!

‘Holistic Beauty Lifestyle’

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