Booty Babe Workout

The Booty-babe Workout

This is an excellent workout to target the Booty and boost fat loss!  It incorporates circuit training with light weights along with sprinting up stairs for a complete fat-burning glute workout. There is also some upper body to keep it balanced. Keep in mind this is not booty building; rather, it is mainly to keep the glutes and hams tight. So ladies, (and gents too), do keep up with your squats and full-leg training days to compliment this particular outdoor workout….and remember, HAVE FUN!

WORKOUT EQUIPMENT: 7- 10lb dumbbell weights, yoga mat and water.


Light jogging – up and around the set of stairs and do the full loop – 2x.


ROM joint mobility-stretching the hips,adductors,abductors,quads,shoulders, arms,hamstrings,glutes, calves.


SPRINT INTERVALS- up the stairs, running along top part, down other side-completing the whole loop -5x’s

STEP-UP’S – 15x Each Leg (EL) – 3 sets

SPRINT INTERVALS- up stairs –loop 5x’s ( same as above)

WALKING LUNGES- 7lb-or 10lb DB’s – do the length of pool area – 40 lunges each way (approximately 80), while holding weights above shoulders. **This will also work shoulders / arms. If your arms are tired,bring weights down and hold them at sides.

SPRINT INTERVALS– loop stairs 5x’s (Same as above)

BOX JUMPS**- 30x’s – use the elevated area by stage

SPRINT INTERVALS – same as above – loop stairs 5x’s (can decrease amount of times if it becomes difficult) J

GLUTE BRIDGES- lay on mat with feet on raised step; use your weights rested on your lower abdomen; with legs bent at an angle feet on step- raise up your torso-targeting the glutes-squeeze at top of movement and lower slowly.  25’xs 3 sets –if you can.

SPRINT INTERVALS- last set- loop 5x’s ( same as above)

** If you want to include a whole-body workout, try super-setting (S/W) with triceps dips with box-jumps. ** S/W push-ups after glute bridge raises – feet elevated on step.

You can do this whole circuit once as the sprints in between each exercise is enough. However, feel free to do the weights portion of this workout as many sets as you wish. Enjoy!

Remember to stay hydrated and have Electrolytes during, and an alkaline protein 20-30 mins after.
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