MONDAY MOTIVATION! – 5 Steps to Clearer Skin

5 Steps to Clear Skin

Beautiful clear skin is the epitome of beauty isn’t it? Esthetically it is desired by many and often we find ourselves delving into the world of expensive creams and treatments all for the sake of having clear skin. What if clear skin all started from the inside out?

Let’s take a look at how we can enhance clearer skin from within with these five simple steps that you can start doing today:

  1. Eating Well-balanced Whole Foods – that means that we are having an abundance of organic greens with every meal; whole grains (1 cup with 1st two-three meals of day); and lean clean* What do I mean by ‘clean’ protein? When choosing protein such as poultry or red meat –even some fish, we must choose hormone-free and with fish it should be a fish that is NOT Farmed and not highly contaminated with PCP’s, Mercury and other contaminants. If you are wondering “how is this related to clear skin?” Basically it comes down to this: liver overload. All accumulated toxins will eventually overload liver which means once liver is overloaded excess toxins start coming out through the skin because it has to be eliminated somehow. Eat simpleUdos' DHA oil picavoiding refined sugars, bad fats and oils and you are well on your way to clearer skin (include Omega-3 oils-flax, Borage)
  2. Switching to Eco-friendly, Organic Skin & Body Care Products – we wake up and use chemically laden products; soap, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste, makeup, face creams, perfumes, deodorant, dish & laundry detergent and more. Even household cleaners are ‘Endocrine Disrupters’. What we mean by this is; chemically-laced body care products can ‘disrupt’ our hormones causing imbalances in our Glandular (Endocrine) system – which can contribute to estrogen-dominant cancers. The liver regulates hormones and so once again if overloaded this correlates with the over-use of these chemically laden products. It all comes back to clear skin – toxicity overload. Check out one of my favorite makeup lines here:     Zuii Pic
  3. Exercise – get your fitness on! Sweating helps the lymphatic system do its job better –which is cleaning out toxins from the body and eliminating them. Not only will a regular varied training and exercise program keep your body looking tight and toned (or stage ready) – it will also enhance your skin’s clarity. Do some activities you love like bike riding, dancing or climbing – have fun!! Check out my girl Judy Write-Morris fitness page here: 
  4. Water – my favorite! Drink filtered water daily, at least 2L room temp (slightly cooler) is best. The water pickey to getting enough water intake is to drink a large glass before your snacks and meals. This way you are not disrupting the digestion of your meals. Another way to drink more is… you guessed it – during exercise. The more active you are, the more water you will need simply because you are sweating (see number 3); this is a sure way to get more water in. Notice the connection here? Drinking enough pure filtered water helps keep skin clear.

5. Rest – recovery and rest are the most important factors for great skin health. Our bodies need good quality rest – at least 8 hours a night, to fully do its job to repair and keep our immunity strong and brighten our skin. When you get a good night’s sleep it shows in your skin; you look rejuvenated and fresh. A good night’s rest means getting to bed before midnight so as to not disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle. Keeping your electronics away from your bedside is also important – electromagnetic transmissions are disruptive… TV, phones etc should not be used within one hour of bed… (that one is difficult) 🙂

These 5 steps to clearer skin integrates a holistic approach focusing mainly on the internal body to complement the exterior such as fitness regimes. For an in-depth skin regime protocol or for extreme skin problems and conditions I recommend seeking professionals such as – ND, TCM Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Dermatologist and or a Holistic Medi-Skincare Spa.  Check out my blogs on skin and detoxification at for more on this!

Juanita Mary

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