Quick Recipe

This wonderful Kale, Quinoa Curry dish is a must-have meal on your weekly plan. It is a nutrient-dense, plant-based recipe with tons of flavor. Carrots, cabbage and kale make this a perfect veggie packed meal to enjoy any time of the day – lunch, snack and dinner. Great protein source from the quinoa too.
1 head organic Green Kale – washed, torn into pieces
2 Med Carrots – grated
1-1/2 Cup Cabbage – grated ( white)
5 or so cherry Tomatoes – sliced in half
2 cups cooked Quinoa
1 Tbsp Organic Olive Oil
2 Cloves Garlic
Fresh Lemon
Fresh Cilantro + Parsley
Cayenne + Curry Spices
Sea Salt + Blk Pepper
For quinoa; I cook in a rice cooker with equal amounts of water:quinoa ratio.
Once cooked keep warm.
In a large skillet heat Olive oil on med heat, add garlic ( garlic crusher).
Sauté till almost translucent.
Squeeze in 1/2 fresh lemon
Add kale a bit at a time, sauté covered in pan till slightly wilted, keep adding till all of Kale used. Stir, mix until kale has been steamed ( slightly wilted) – turn to low temp to simmer
Add in grated carrots, cabbage + cherry tomatoes – mix well
Add in the cooked quinoa – mix until well combined.
Season with cayenne, curry spices.
Add in fresh cilantro + parsley
Add sea salt + Blk pepper & more fresh lemon.
Let steam & keep warm till ready to serve.
* can add other seasonings, veggies, or mushrooms if you like.
Enjoy 🙂



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