Easy Kale Side Dish 

This is a simple easy to make dish when you want something quick and nutritious. It’s a great way to add greens to your meals too! 

All you need is; 

One head of organic kale ~ washed, torn into small pieces 

Organic Olive oil ~ 2 tsp

2 small cloves garlic ~ crushed 

Fresh lemon ~ squeezed 

Sliced carrots 

Hemp Seeds 

Fresh ground black Pepper 

Himalayan Sea salt 


In large skillet heat Olive oil on Medium heat > add crushed garlic, sauté for a minute or two. Squeeze fresh lemon > add the kale, cover. 

Let steam until kale wilts down > reduce to low heat > mix 

When lightly steamed / wilted transfer to glass bowl > add sprinkle of hemp seeds, a bit of fresh lemon & Blk pepper > place sliced carrots in bowl. 

Voila! As you can see, this dish is simple with minimal ingredients and spices ( you can add them if you choose ). 

I love this because it fits my clean eating lifestyle. 🙂  Enjoy!