Morning Ritual

How do you start your days?

For me, I have been doing this morning regime for quite a while now, and I LOVE it!! If there is ever a morning -or two, where I have not had my ‘Greens, Tea – my must-haves to start my day; well then I’m just not feeling it!

Here are my Must-haves; 

Greens – A blend of Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley, Goji + more goodness!  

Vega Protein – just a small scoop to blend with greens 

Yerba Mate – because I LOVE this powerful antioxidant tea from Brazil! Goes perfectly well with ……

.. Vega pre-energizer – Lemon lime & Sugar-free. My favourite! Love LOVE this product!  

Oatmeal – I like to fuel up for my morning workouts with a cup of oatmeal – sweetened with coconut sweetener. Yummy!  

There you have it! My morning ritual.

What is your morning rituals?



Got Munchies?

I hope so because this quick healthy snack will be sure to satisfy your cravings! 

When I want to snack on some crunchy munchies I opt for fresh popped popcorn. Here I’m sharing with you a tasty recipe that is simple and delicious. 


Medium Pot 

1/2 Cup Popcorn Kernals

2 TBSP Organic Coconut Oil + a bit more to pour into popped corn

Nutritional Yeast

Ground Black Pepper

Himilayn Sea Salt


Melt coconut oil in pan on med-high heat 

Add the Kernals and stir to coat – cover with lid. Watch closely as the Kernals pop. 

Transfer to large bowl and melt a bit more coconut oil to pour into popcorn. 

Season with the nutritional yeast, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.