Fit Friday’s – 5 Quick-fit Tips

Start your weekend right with these 5 quick-fit tips!

  1. Have an early morning sweat session; this could be whatever you desire ( even sex! 😀 ), a fun fitness class, outdoor run, dancing around your home – get in at least 30-45 mins.  You will  be thankful that you have done this!  My favorite way to”Wake-up” is have a VEGA Pre-Energizer before I workout. It is Plant Based and has no harsh stimulants.
  2. Eat a clean, healthy breakfast; this could be, organic eggs, sprouted grain toast; a bowl of oatmeal with hemp seeds and fruit (chopped apples); or a Greens Protein Smoothie. YUM!034
  3. Throughout your day; eat clean snacks and meals.; a large mix green salad with pumpkin seeds, avocado, sprouts, shredded purple cabbage, celery, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas. Just load the salad up with as much as you can – including FR Chicken, or Turkey, Salmon if you wish. Try Cashews or almonds with an apple or hummus and rice chips, or a plant-based protein bar such as VEGA Protein bars (I love them), as a healthy alternative for snacks throughout your day.
  4. Hydrate with clean pure water – away from your meals and preferably room temp. Maybe add a little fresh lemon for light cleansing and a light support for your LIVER.
  5. Finish your day light – meaning, lighten the ‘foods’ towards the later part of your evening. Why? Eating heavy rich foods late in the evening will compromise your weight loss goals. Eating heavy foods late will also disrupt sleep causing poor quality rest which we need for repair and recovery. Late night eating puts stress on the digestive system and liver as well so you may find waking up more ‘groggy’ and lethargic than usual.

What do you do to get fit quick?

Happy Friday!!! J

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