Success Sunday’s

Sunday’s are a great day to get ourselves ready for the week ahead. This could mean prepping your meals for the week, doing a deep clean of your home, laundry, organizing your family’s lunches, and more. I like to do a variety of these tasks to prepare me for the week ahead so I am organized and ready to go. Here are my top 3 things I like to get done so I can set myself up for success in the week ahead.

Make a To-Do List: 

Writing out a ‘to-do’ list for the following morning will give you that head start as soon as you wake up for your day; this allows for greater success in completing those tasks that may of otherwise been neglected. Making to-do lists is a sure way to stay on the course of success.

Tend to Your Home:

To me, this means keeping your home and space clean and clutter-free. An organized space equals an organized mind – your focus and clarity will be evident in a clean organized space. This is especially important for those of us whom work from home; it is not ideal to be creative in a space that is dirty, cluttered and disorganized. I also tend to do most of my laundry on Sunday’s as it sets me up with more clean outfits for my week ahead + fresh linens** = better sleep, and it just feels nice to have everything clean and ready to go!

Meal Prep & Planning

A BIG  thing in my life is meal prepping and healthy I am often in my kitchen preparing wholesome healthy recipes and meals to take with me when at work or on the go. This not only saves me money – by making my own snacks and meals, it also is a much healthier way to eat. This way I won’t have to eat poor quality crappy foods when out because I have prepared my own to take with me or to have ready for when I get home. This is an important part of living a Holistic Lifestyle – it is all about prepping ahead of time so you can eat healthy and reach your fitness goals daily 🙂

Setting yourself up for success can be small weekly changes to your life that add up in a BIG way and you will see results by these small changes.

Happy Sunday All… **and stay tuned for my line of Organic Sprays coming soon**

JLiving room-wood floor

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