Sunday Fun Day!

Sunday’s are ‘catch-up’ days for most .. am I right? I certainly love to do all my ‘catch-up’ chores on a Sunday too, but…. Sunday’s are also Fun Day’s! [Sunday-Fun-day]! So who’s to say we can’t get a little fun with pampering and treating our beautiful selves on this last day of the week-end?

First things first.. a day at the SPA… Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Massage… Umm Hmm, they all sound perfect to me!

Hair Styled.. it doesn’t have to be a full-on cut and colour; it could be just a blow-out styled ‘Do’…or scalp conditioning treatment, whatever gets you in the mood of the Sunday chill mode.

Dinner With Close Friends and Family … Right? .. Why not? Sunday’s (or any day really) are perfect to spend the day with family and friends. Who’s with me on that one? Love, Love my famJam time!

Time Alone – Meditate, Fitness …Sometimes all you need is a bit of time alone. We all have those moments where it’s like “I just need to have my own space today”, and I am definitely that person. Anyone of my close friends that know me, know that I LOVE my ‘space’ at any given time. It is sacred for me; I usually go for an outdoor run where I clear my mind – a perfect way to get ready for the week ahead.

Do a Little Writing...writing always puts me in a better mood, I love to write, whether it is journal, blogs or planning out some things – it is always a good feeling to write and get your thoughts, ideas and feelings out on paper ( or laptop ).

Baking…Ok! let’s be honest… how many of you LOVE to bake delicious cookies, muffins or protein bars?  I find baking is therapeutic and I can’t say there is anything wrong with a baking’s loads of fun, and you get to indulge in the goodness! Here are the ‘goods’ on where I purchase all my top of the line quality ingredients ( coconut oils, raw cacao, dates, nuts and more),check out the Raw Elements Website to receive a 10% Discount on all website purchases by using the Code HBL39.

Thanks for checking out my Blog go have some FUN! 🙂



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