Holistic Travel Kit


Travelling is one of those things that I love to do and cannot wait till I can go overseas again. As I traveled extensively all over to many different countries, packing became somewhat of a routine for me and I had mostly all of it down. I know how to down-size and take the necessities with me, without compromising too much. As a girl, I needed to make sure I had room for clothes and shoes 🙂

I also made sure I had the basic necessities for any health-related issues.. this is where this blog inspired me to write about the five must-have Holistic Travel Items to take with you when you travel.

Here they are …

My Top 5 Must-Have Holistic Travel Items:

  1.  Probiotics – Shelf-stable Probiotics are live culture strains that Do Not need to be kept in the refrigerator. Taking a Probiotic ensures your enhancing your probiotics-ultimate-flora picimmunity by increasing the gut flora which will help protect against infections and bacteria while keeping the ‘good’ bacteria present. By eating certain foods and drinking local tap water you may end up with parasites or a bacteria that can make you sick and by taking a probiotic will keep your immunity up, and the ‘bad’ bugs away as much as possible.
  2.  Tea Tree Oil – love this ‘essential’ oil. Tea tree is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. It is one of my Must-have’s on hand even here at home. I usually place a few drops (10-20) in a glass spray bottle – 200 ml –  and spray my linens, room, clothing and anything else I can think of that will benefit from a refreshing spray. You can also use it in your shampoo, your body wash and laundry. Just add a few drops to the product you wish to have. *Avoid using directly on skin as this will have a slight burn; and do not take orally.
  3. Calming Herbs CHILL PILLS-PICThis is totally my style right here.. sipping on a cup of calming tea, taking herbal ‘Chill Pills’ (yes really!). Chill Pills have a full spectrum of herbs that work on calming the mind to reduce stress such as L-Theanine -which helps to temporarily promote relaxation. B-Complex for nervous system support, Choline, Inositol, Passionflower + many other important minerals and herbs. This supplement will not make you drowsy and it is great for daytime use. Calming Teas are a great addition as well; unpack them from box and place them in a zip-lock bag to save room on packing. Great for those sometimes long travel stress days and time zone changes.
  4. Skin-soothing Natural Creams DermaMed-All-Purpose Balm picDerma Med skin care products have a wide range of Therapeutic Topicals  suited for many types of skin irritations. One of my favorites is the All-Purpose Balm that is ideal for rashes, dermatitis, hives and more. It has Calendula and Chamomile to soothe the skin and promote healing. This product comes in a small travel-size for your convenience.

5. All-In-One Soaps – These are a must-have when it comes to travelling..Brands like Everyone Dr.Bronner's Soap PicSoap and Dr. Bronner’s Fair trade Castille soap -made with pure essential oils; are top choices to take travelling. Dr. Bronner’s soaps have a variety of sizes which are convenient to pack with; you can purchase a 2L jug and re-fill a smaller sized container to take with you. This particular soap will need to be diluted slightly because it is concentrated. All-in-one Soaps are great for laundry, body and face wash, even dishes. The Everyone Soap brand can be used as shampoo, body and face wash and so this is convenient to take with you to lessen the products in your luggage.

What are some of your favorite travel ‘must-have’s’?

Share in the comments section 🙂

Happy Travels!

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