Sunday Sandwich: Turkey Club Style

Today I want to share this version of the club sandwich – with a twist. This Delicious and Tasty recipe for the Club is nothing short of satisfying for your taste buds. We’ve taken out the bacon and used a fried egg in place. So good!


 – Multigrain -toasted 

– Red Pepper Hummus 

– Tomato – sliced 

– Red Onions – thinly sliced

– Roasted Turkey Deli sliced –  natural 

– Jalepeno Havarti – Dayia vegan cheese – sliced. 

– Fried Egg – free range 

– Mix Greens – few pieces for layering on sandwich 

Toast bread, spread hummus on it. In a skillet, fry egg sunny side up until cooked all way through leaving a bit of soft yolk. 
Layer on all ingredients with cheese last – on top ( for melting). Place open – in oven to melt cheese then add mix greens and put other piece of toast on. Cut sandwich and ….Enjoy! 



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