FIT FRIDAY’S Leg Training Routine


Leg Training Routine

I love leg days when I know I’m going to blast my legs so hard that I can’t sit down or walk properly ..ha!  Here is a sample leg workout I did the other day that gave me the sore legs for days….( Tip; include BCAA’s for muscle recovery ) 

Warm up: Squats with just bar in squat rack – 25 reps > add weight 4 sets – increasing weight with each set – lower the reps each time.

Smith Squat Machine: wide-stance Squats 4 sets > increasing weight each set …( Tip; alternate close stance to hit the outer Glutes )

S/W: Step-ups on Bench – 20 EL (each leg)

Dead Lifts: 4 sets x’s 15                  S/W: Lying Hamstring Curls – 4 sets – each set do 10 full reps – 5 reps half way up – 5 more reps bottom to half up

Walking Lunges: 3 sets of 32

Alternating Lunges: 4 sets – 15 EL – 15lb DB’s

Finish off with Glute-Bridge raises – off bench – 3 sets 25…. ohh… can you feel the burn?! 😀 

This is one sample leg workout that I do for my leg training days. I usually do a leg training day at s1642897265_19421_6391least twice a week; sometimes adding in a HIIT training session – see my “Booty Babe Workout Blog” for this intense workout! I also like to do my AM runs before I hit the gym – this keeps my body on the leaner side. You can skip the morning cardio sessions and just focus on weights to ‘build’ your body. Make sure to include a solid wholesome nutrition plan to compliment your fitness goals. Check out my upcoming blogs on this 🙂

… And check out My good friend and training partner –  Judy Wright-Morris’s fitness page here at: for more great training and motivating tips to keep you on track!

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