This is the perfect time to jump on board with me and amp up your nutrition for spring!


For me, putting wholesome foods and supplements into my body is non-negotiable; I will go out of my way to do to so. This is why I want to share my JUICE PLUS & JUICE PLUS COMPLETE supplements with you.

The Juice Plus Complete is whole food nutrition in convenient shakes and bars -all packed with nutrients to keep you going on long days or after workouts – when you need to replenish most.



One simple change could make a world of difference. What is one thing you can do today to help you get one step closer to your health and fitness goals?







  • Check your favorite options in each of the Core Four areas below.
  • Click “Create My List” button on the bottom of the page.
  • Print or email your customized list.
  • Keep your list in a place you’ll see everyday as a reminder.
The checklist includes Nutrition , Fitness, Hydration, Sleep and Rest. These 5 are most important for an all around balanced lifestyle.
My hope is that you embrace your health and fitness lifestyle and feel great always. 🙂
When placing an order, please click on any of the links here, they will take you directly to my website where you can check out all the great products!
Juanita Mary
Beauty Life<3






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