The Lean Meal Plan



Sample Meal Plan + Fitness Template

AM: MORNING – Drink a Glass of room temp Filtered Water with Fresh Lemon and dash of Cayenne Pepper *can add splash of apple cider vinegar as well

  • Yerba Mate Tea – steep the loose-leaf tea for 10 mins or longer – Yerba Mate tea is a great energizer and an Antioxidant
  • CARDIO – 45 mins 5 days week AM – before breakfast + 1ltr H2O
  • **Include a fresh-pressed juice in the mornings before first meal to get the digestive system going and to lightly cleanse the system– grapefruit/ lemon / cayenne / ginger/ beets/ algae’s. These are beneficial for cleansing and detox.


  • Greens Smoothie: spirulina, chlorella, alpha and barley wheat grass / frozen berries or pineapple / hemp milk or coconut water / BCAA’s ( amino acids) / coconut yogurt
  • ½ Cup Oats – add almonds / walnuts or hemp seeds for extra fats and protein / cinnamon ** a small handful of nuts **tbsp hemp seeds
  • 3-4 eggs ( 1-2 yolk ) – *a tsp coconut oil to scramble is ok

MEAL 2 – 1 LTR H20 ( before)

  • 4-5 oz lean protein: Turkey, cod, chicken, or sockey salmon *free range if possible **avoid albacore tuna – high in mercury
  • 2 cups green salad + 1 cup steamed veggies. Avoid white potato’s / Corn
  • ½ Cup quinoa / rice / yam etc * use balsamic or apple cider vinegar / lemon and a small amount of organic olive oil, walnut or hemp oil ( 1tsp)

MEAL 3 – 1 LTR H20 TRAIN WITH WEIGHTS ( if your work schedule permits you to do so )

  • 4-5 oz Lean Protein – same as above or alternatively have a plant based protein – tempeh / lentils
  • 2 cups mix green salads – sprouts / carrots/ beets / cucumbers/ chickpeas
  • Piece of fruit – apple with few almonds

MEAL 4 – 1LTR H20

  • Protein Smoothie – just add water / coconut water or hemp milk

MEAL 5 – 1 LTR H20

  • Same as Meal 2 or 3

MEAL 6 –

  • Light snack – protein / good fats *Eg: egg whites with spinach / protein shake (plant based or Isolate whey with water)

AVOID – All Refined oils: Canola / Hydrogenated / Vegetable Oils

USEUnrefined Organic: Coconut Oil / Olive Oil / Hemp Oil / Walnut Oil / Grapeseed Oil / Avocado Oil

AVOID – Dairy and dairy products: cheese / milk and cream etc.

USE – Plant Based Alternatives: Hemp milk / Almond Milk *no added sugars / Coconut yogurts / fermented miso / soy Tempeh * no Soy Milk – Estrogen / hormone disrupters

AVOID – All refined sugars ( it is in almost everything!) *No artificial sweetners – too much chemicals

USE – Organic Coconut sugar ( in moderation & on oatmeal etc) / organic maple syrup / raw honey  * use all sweeteners sparingly

**Drink only Water, herbal teas, and your morning smoothies + protein shake (mixed with water ) .. Drink filtered water according to your fitness activity ( for example; do not overload with 4-5 ltr water a day IF you are not at all active and sweating with your fitness.. lets hope you ARE training though – at least 6/ days per week 🙂

*CONDIMENTS ALLOWED – Spices + Herbs / Mrs.Dash / Lemon * Do not use table salt  ** Alternatively can use Himalayan Sea Salt.

* No deep fried foods

* No Ketchup / hp sauces / bbq etc – these all have sugars/ salts with poor quality oils in them

* Try natural dips and spreads ( sparingly ) – avocado / hummus / tahini etc

* Avoid Alcoholic Beverages that have added mixes; juice/pop etc.  – stick to wine / clean tequila 😊 with water IF you must, and limit the amount to just a beverage on weekend

*** typically if one wants to get lean, you should AVOID all alcohol for few months to see a difference in body overall .

* TRAIN Fitness 6 x / week for about an hour ( weights and cardio) .. ** Complete the AM Cardio 6 days / week 45 mins – Before breakfast!!

*Do Not eat 3 hours before bedtime * a protein shake with water OR few raw almonds is ok ( if feeling like you need something)

😊 * 7-8 hours rest every night!



* Before following a new workout and meal plan program, consult with your health care practitioner for a complete checkup*

What Nutritionists Eat On The GO!

What do Nutritionist eat on the go?

What do You eat when keeping up with your fitness goals? How do you stay on track when ‘On The Go’?

Eating clean and living the Holistic Lifestyle isn’t just for Nutritionist’s, it is for all of us who, take care of our bodies inside and out to look and feel our best. We must take care of our body as it is the only one we have.

Let’s take a look at some of the meals and snacks I take with me ( LOVE Snacks!!)


1. Mason Jars – regular size 500 ml / 2oz / or large 1 LT

2. Prepped Foods / Snacks.

3. Soft Small Cooler – get one you place in the freezer so it keeps meals chilled throughout day. Or put a regular bag/ cooler in your fridge at work.

4. Additional small containers – I use 2oz glass mason jars ( nut butters/ hummus )


I like to prepare most of my meals and snacks for the week ahead, usually on my day off – that way I can assemble my meals daily before heading out for the day.



I start my day with a glass of filtered water with fresh lemon ( sometimes a dash of cayenne pepper )

SMOOTHIE – Pineapple, Hemp Milk, Greens powder – Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Coconut Yogurt, BCAA’s -Pineapple flavour, Flax DHA Oil – UDO’s.

OATMEAL – seen above – with added dates, walnuts, hemp seeds, coconut yogurt

EGGS – scrambled – with spinach, cayenne ( add what you would like ) *Only good quality Sea Salt – if you are using.

MIX GREEN SALAD + STEAMED VEGGIES – add all veggies – sprouts, cherry tomatoes, hemp seeds, hummus, carrots, cucumber, etc. Steamed veggies can be of any variety- cabbage, kale, chard etc

PROTEIN – grilled chicken, cod, turkey, tempeh, etc


Some examples I have are;

Apple + Nut butter

Hummus + Rice cakes

Salt & Vinegar Sunflower seeds – made locally with seaweed, apple cider vinegar. Super amazing and very non-refined. 😊

Ezekiel Wraps – assorted mix greens, sprouts, avocado, eggs, hummus or other vegan spreads

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you all do to eat heather on the go!