The Lean Meal Plan



Sample Meal Plan + Fitness Template

AM: MORNING – Drink a Glass of room temp Filtered Water with Fresh Lemon and dash of Cayenne Pepper *can add splash of apple cider vinegar as well

  • Yerba Mate Tea – steep the loose-leaf tea for 10 mins or longer – Yerba Mate tea is a great energizer and an Antioxidant
  • CARDIO – 45 mins 5 days week AM – before breakfast + 1ltr H2O
  • **Include a fresh-pressed juice in the mornings before first meal to get the digestive system going and to lightly cleanse the system– grapefruit/ lemon / cayenne / ginger/ beets/ algae’s. These are beneficial for cleansing and detox.


  • Greens Smoothie: spirulina, chlorella, alpha and barley wheat grass / frozen berries or pineapple / hemp milk or coconut water / BCAA’s ( amino acids) / coconut yogurt
  • ½ Cup Oats – add almonds / walnuts or hemp seeds for extra fats and protein / cinnamon ** a small handful of nuts **tbsp hemp seeds
  • 3-4 eggs ( 1-2 yolk ) – *a tsp coconut oil to scramble is ok

MEAL 2 – 1 LTR H20 ( before)

  • 4-5 oz lean protein: Turkey, cod, chicken, or sockey salmon *free range if possible **avoid albacore tuna – high in mercury
  • 2 cups green salad + 1 cup steamed veggies. Avoid white potato’s / Corn
  • ½ Cup quinoa / rice / yam etc * use balsamic or apple cider vinegar / lemon and a small amount of organic olive oil, walnut or hemp oil ( 1tsp)

MEAL 3 – 1 LTR H20 TRAIN WITH WEIGHTS ( if your work schedule permits you to do so )

  • 4-5 oz Lean Protein – same as above or alternatively have a plant based protein – tempeh / lentils
  • 2 cups mix green salads – sprouts / carrots/ beets / cucumbers/ chickpeas
  • Piece of fruit – apple with few almonds

MEAL 4 – 1LTR H20

  • Protein Smoothie – just add water / coconut water or hemp milk

MEAL 5 – 1 LTR H20

  • Same as Meal 2 or 3

MEAL 6 –

  • Light snack – protein / good fats *Eg: egg whites with spinach / protein shake (plant based or Isolate whey with water)

AVOID – All Refined oils: Canola / Hydrogenated / Vegetable Oils

USEUnrefined Organic: Coconut Oil / Olive Oil / Hemp Oil / Walnut Oil / Grapeseed Oil / Avocado Oil

AVOID – Dairy and dairy products: cheese / milk and cream etc.

USE – Plant Based Alternatives: Hemp milk / Almond Milk *no added sugars / Coconut yogurts / fermented miso / soy Tempeh * no Soy Milk – Estrogen / hormone disrupters

AVOID – All refined sugars ( it is in almost everything!) *No artificial sweetners – too much chemicals

USE – Organic Coconut sugar ( in moderation & on oatmeal etc) / organic maple syrup / raw honey  * use all sweeteners sparingly

**Drink only Water, herbal teas, and your morning smoothies + protein shake (mixed with water ) .. Drink filtered water according to your fitness activity ( for example; do not overload with 4-5 ltr water a day IF you are not at all active and sweating with your fitness.. lets hope you ARE training though – at least 6/ days per week 🙂

*CONDIMENTS ALLOWED – Spices + Herbs / Mrs.Dash / Lemon * Do not use table salt  ** Alternatively can use Himalayan Sea Salt.

* No deep fried foods

* No Ketchup / hp sauces / bbq etc – these all have sugars/ salts with poor quality oils in them

* Try natural dips and spreads ( sparingly ) – avocado / hummus / tahini etc

* Avoid Alcoholic Beverages that have added mixes; juice/pop etc.  – stick to wine / clean tequila 😊 with water IF you must, and limit the amount to just a beverage on weekend

*** typically if one wants to get lean, you should AVOID all alcohol for few months to see a difference in body overall .

* TRAIN Fitness 6 x / week for about an hour ( weights and cardio) .. ** Complete the AM Cardio 6 days / week 45 mins – Before breakfast!!

*Do Not eat 3 hours before bedtime * a protein shake with water OR few raw almonds is ok ( if feeling like you need something)

😊 * 7-8 hours rest every night!



* Before following a new workout and meal plan program, consult with your health care practitioner for a complete checkup*

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