My First Botox Treatment!


I have been wanting to try Botox and other facial rejuvenation treatments for quite some time. Being in my forties now, I decided it was time to – Honour my Beauty!


I’ve been seeing a shift in my facial expressions and noticed my face has really begun to lose its ‘plumpness’ and overall elasticity. The frown lines and other areas of my face have become noticeably more deep with lines. 

Here are some of my own personal reasons for the delay in honoring my Beauty;

  • FINANCES – this was, of all the reasons, the one that I identified with the most! I always knew this was going to cost money and my mindset was – well, limiting and because of this mindset, I was not actually ‘Honoring’ my Beauty. I now realize I deserve to invest in myself and this means taking care of my Beauty as well as every other level in my personal life! We’ve got to invest in ourselves, right Ladies?
  • FINDING A GREAT DOCTOR –  This one was definitely time consuming. I tend to overanalyze, so this took some time. I finally found a great Doctor who – in my opinion is well-trained, well-versed in her skill. I looked for someone who embodied the latest technology in skincare advancements, and someone who had a very holistic approach for injectables and all other advanced modalities for treatments. I am happy to say, she will be my go-to gal for future treatments.
  • RESEARCH – This one goes along with finding the Doctor. I also did a lot of research on all these treatments; Botox, Fillers, Laser Treatments, Microneedling and more. I researched the products, brand names used, the side effects, procedures plus any other information that would be relevant in healing, the results and downtime. This gave me an arsenal of information that I found to be very helpful in determining the treatments I would soon be having. **Please do your due diligence when researching any form of medical information. There are reputable sources, and a lot of fake misinformation out there – I personally have a fairly strong Science and Skincare education and training. 


We started with taking pictures of my facial expressions, to which we then discussed all of the potential treatment options. There were many – from injectables, lasers, fillers, hydrafacials as well as upkeep during the process. The plan we went over for my personal skin care treatments would be done over the course of a year and included all the aforementioned. 

This is great news because, in case you were wondering, Lasers, injectables and other rejuvenation treatments are expensive! We are looking at a minimum $1100-2000 for some of the specific treatments – which is a really good price compared to other places – and, of course it is worth it! 

We started with injectables – botox ( xeomin ). My doctor did my forehead, frown lines and micro drops around the outer corners of my eyes for my first treatment. We did use a numbing cream over the area prior to injecting. 

I was told to stay upright afterwards for the duration of the day, and there were other after-care protocols as well. 


After about two days I definitely could see the results on my forehead and frown lines. My forehead was noticeably a lot smoother, the frown lines softer as well. They were still noticeable – but that is because they were very deep prior to the treatment, which is why there will other treatments using Laser and more – down the road.

Your face really does ‘Freeze’. I have never experienced this before and personally, I am not sure I really would ever be comfortable not being able to move my muscles. I am so accustomed to moving my face – I am very expressive and the one thing I did notice – which I did not like was – my eyelid was more so ‘hooded’. I could not move it – to keep it taught; For example, when I put mascara on, I can lift my eyelid by using the muscles in my eyelid, and I could not (for the life of me), lift my eyelid up – it was frozen in this lax state. This for me, was not something I liked. 

There are some factors as to why some parts of the facial muscles will have a different outcome or effect, I think this particular area around my eye either had too much or perhaps, not enough (?). The follow-up we will look at this more in depth.

On another note, not being able to move your forehead is – eerie – for me. I liked being able to move my face muscles. These are my honest thoughts…


Would I do this again? Is this right for me? 

I would consider doing my frown line area again – perhaps a micro-drop treatment. This will be discussed with my Doctor when I am in for a follow up appointment. Ultimately we wanted to continue with the injectables -on the lower portion of my face. This may or may not happen, as I wasn’t the most comfortable with the facial freezing sensation. We will see.

I most definitely will be doing Laser and Hydrafacials though, and I am looking forward to these advanced treatments! As for the planned fillers, I am not so sure as of yet. 

All in all – my experience was a good one for my first ever injectable treatment. 

I would also like to try  Facial Acupuncture. I feel as though this would be a great rejuvenation treatment to stimulate collagen. 

I hope this information was helpful! 

~Honour your Beauty~

*These views expressed are Solely my own and do not in any way represent actual results for anyone wanting to try this. Please make informed choices when making the decisions to have any procedure done. 

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