I created this website out of a passion of mine for all things Beauty. This includes Organic Skincare and Makeup, Fitness and Exotic Dance Choreography, Nutritious Foods and yummy recipes – all to empower Women everywhere who are in their 40’s and beyond! It is not just limited to Women – it is for all of us, including Gentlemen as well who are keen to embrace this Holistic Beauty Lifestyle. My goal is to create this Lifestyle with all things that Support our Beauty from the Inside Out.

Fitness and Nutrition has been a huge part of my life for many years … I have always had an interest in both which became my Passions!

My passion for  Nutrition has taken me on a path to become a Holistic Nutritionist – with a Diploma from the Accredited Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition -CSNN. I received my Diploma in 2011.

Being a Stage performer for most of my adult life, I have always been active and because of this, have kept my body in shape. It wasn’t until later in my 30’s that I decided I wanted to step on a different stage and compete in a Fitness Model event. This was a different realm. Although I’ve worked out majority of my life, It wasn’t until I got into the Best shape of my life through rigorous training regime that I truly got the results I used to dream of.

I competed in two Fitness Shows, and I Won my very first show -overall .. this was the most AMAZING Experience I’ve ever had! I felt so accomplished!

I hope you enjoy the content of what I am sharing here 🙂


~Beauty Life~