Hi, Welcome to my Beauty Lifestyle Blog! This is a page where I share my passions for all things with a Beauty lifestyle – Fitness, Nutrition, Dance and Beauty.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with a background in Fitness ( Fitness Model Shows ), and Stage performing. I have been a Stage performer for most of my young adult life – Theater – Choreographed Productions, Exotic Dance, and many on-set for movies and TV!

Being on stage for most of my life along with extensive travel has given me the inside knowledge of how to take great care of my Beauty – while being on the road! This is where Holistic Beauty Lifestyle comes in; I wanted to create a Lifestyle’ for the travelling performer and also – Women, who want to embrace their Beauty at any age!

Taking great care starts from within, and also caring for what we put ON our bodies too!

This is where I share my passions for Organic Skincare, and Nutrition and Dance – aka Fitness 🙂