My Favorite Online Shop For Sexy Costumes

I recently did a photo shoot where I wanted to dress up in a theme costume. The look I wanted was sexy, risque, erotic and fun!  I searched for online places that catered to events such as Car Show Models, Halloween, Cosplay and everything in between so I could find a exactly what I wanted. … I was so excited when I found this site….

My search brought me to this great website online store called Starline.  I LOVE this online shop! Starline has two main catalogs on the main page; Lingerie and Costume’s. They have a huge list of the themes in both Lingerie and Costumes catalogs:


  • Babydolls & Chemises
  • Bedroom Costumes
  • Bras & Panties
  • Corsets
  • Dresses & Robes
  • Fetish & Playsets
  • Hosiery
  • Tops, Skirts & Shorts


  • Animal &Insects
  • Naughty & Nice
  • Fairytales
  • Funky Characters
  • Goddesses & Warriors
  • Good vs Evil
  • Pirates & Flappers
  • Uniforms
  • Star Curves
  • Accessories

This was one out of the two outfits I chose for my photo shoot …  and even though not a front shot of the outfit, I still love this one.

2016-12-28 10.46.05-5

I have another costume that I will be shooting in and will be sharing this on an upcoming blog 🙂

Head over to their website here:

Thanks for checking out my post .. Hopefully I’ve inspired a new place to shop for all your festival, parties and fun outings 🙂


Collagen Review – NeoCell


Collagen is the new super food supplement that is taking over the shelves these days in many health and nutrition stores. Today I want to share my experience with collagen and why I have been including this wonderful supplement into my day to day health and beauty regime. It has many benefits for beauty, and joints.


Collagen is Protein. It is the building block for skin, bones and tendons. It is the most plentiful substance in our body’s next to water. There are different types of collagen in the body – 90% of collagen in our body is made up of type 1 & 3 collagen. This means that type 1 & 3 can be taken together to support skin, hair, nails, muscle and bone maintenance. The proteins in type 1 & 3 are Glycine, Proline, Alanine, and Hydroxyproline.  Each of these amino acids have an important function in the body for cellular health and rebuilding. Types 1 & 3 are best to take for hair, skin and nails. It is best taken with juice or vitamin C in the morning – separate from type 2 collagen.

Collagen type 2 is liquid-like filling within the cartilage,  produced by chondrocytes (non-cellular matrix of cartilage). This type is best for joint and cartilage support and is best taken in evening on empty stomach for better absorption, away from type 1&3 collagen.


Type 1 & 3

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves elasticity
  • Thickens fine hair, promotes hair growth
  • Support weak or damaged nail beds
  • Improve circulation
  • Support Bone Matrix – 36% of bone is made up of cartilage
  • Increase Glycine production which helps with lean muscle mass for increased fat loss
  • May also increase skin suppleness, decrease micro-furrows and increase skin hydration.

Type 2

  • Includes Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid – excellent for joints, tendons and bones
  • May support joints

Almost all collagen products on market are in the form of powders, capsules, tablets and cheewables. Most collagen is sourced from either Bovine (cow hide, skins), or Marine (fish skin, scales). Look for products that source their collagen from BSE free cows without hormones. Neo Cell products are a great company that test all their products for efficacy, and all their products are Bioavailable and  Bioactive for maximum absorption and efficacy.


So far I have been noticing results; my skin is more smooth, hair feels fuller, not much difference in my nails, however over time that may change. Neo Cell has a whole line of amazing products that I will try. Stay in touch, I will be writing about them too!

Visit their website here: to get your products. .. and if you live in the Vancouver or LA areas you can also pick up your Neo Cell collagen products at one of their locations. You can find them here:   and here in LA:






Thanks to NeoCell for the package of Collagen products for me to try, they worked great! 🙂

Let me know what your favorite products are by sending me a message. 😀




FIT FRIDAY’S Leg Training Routine


Leg Training Routine

I love leg days when I know I’m going to blast my legs so hard that I can’t sit down or walk properly ..ha!  Here is a sample leg workout I did the other day that gave me the sore legs for days….( Tip; include BCAA’s for muscle recovery ) 

Warm up: Squats with just bar in squat rack – 25 reps > add weight 4 sets – increasing weight with each set – lower the reps each time.

Smith Squat Machine: wide-stance Squats 4 sets > increasing weight each set …( Tip; alternate close stance to hit the outer Glutes )

S/W: Step-ups on Bench – 20 EL (each leg)

Dead Lifts: 4 sets x’s 15                  S/W: Lying Hamstring Curls – 4 sets – each set do 10 full reps – 5 reps half way up – 5 more reps bottom to half up

Walking Lunges: 3 sets of 32

Alternating Lunges: 4 sets – 15 EL – 15lb DB’s

Finish off with Glute-Bridge raises – off bench – 3 sets 25…. ohh… can you feel the burn?! 😀 

This is one sample leg workout that I do for my leg training days. I usually do a leg training day at s1642897265_19421_6391least twice a week; sometimes adding in a HIIT training session – see my “Booty Babe Workout Blog” for this intense workout! I also like to do my AM runs before I hit the gym – this keeps my body on the leaner side. You can skip the morning cardio sessions and just focus on weights to ‘build’ your body. Make sure to include a solid wholesome nutrition plan to compliment your fitness goals. Check out my upcoming blogs on this 🙂

… And check out My good friend and training partner –  Judy Wright-Morris’s fitness page here at: for more great training and motivating tips to keep you on track!

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6 AWESOME Things to Do With Your Mom On Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to share 6 awesome things to do with your MOM this mother’s day here in our Beautiful city Victoria.

  1.  BRUNCH – BUBBY’S KITCHEN :  This wonderful spot is a true gem. Located in the heart of Cook Street Village, they thrive on local, sustainable foods, healthy fresh dishes with an array of choices. All of their meats are hormone-free, eggs are free-range and fresh vegetables are local whenever possible. Drop by for a beautiful Brunch with your lovely mom, I promise she will LOVE it!  …. Follow them on twitter @BubbysKitchen    Visit their website for menus and hours.     Bubbys-Kitchen-PicBubby's Food Pic2. DALLAS ROAD – SCENIC WALK:  There is absolutely nothing more breathtaking than the view from our ever-popular Dallas Road. If you’ve never seen and experienced it, it is time to go for a nice walk along the sea there. After a nice brunch, it is always nice to get some fresh air so might as well take in the beautiful views while you are out..this brings me to my next recommendation … Dallas rd Ocean Pic

3. BREAKWATER CAFE & BISTRO – This beautiful spot in James Bay has been a staple for 20 years..with its breathtaking views of the ocean and sunsets, it is THE place to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio, stop by the cafe and grab a coffee or snack before you take a walk along the boardwalk. Follow on Twitter: @BreakwaterBistr


4. SPA DATE WITH MOM – SPA MAGNOLIA:   There is nothing better than a well deserved pampering for all the Mom’s out there 🙂 Owner Paula Veenema’s facility has 7 treatment rooms, including two double rooms, hydrotherapy tub for wet services plus a relaxation lounge and change rooms with showers. Spa Magnolia ‘merges health with organic health and beauty treatments designed to revitalize skin, hair and body. All skin care is free from Phalates, Fillers, Carcinogenic and Parabens and as a Holistic Beauty Nutritionist I would recommend trying this Spa for these quality products. Treat your Mom to her special day <3. For more info on Specials and more follow them on Twitter: @TheSpaMagnolia   Spa-Magnolia-entrance1


5. PICNIC – SAXE POINT:  If dining out is not your thing, take a drive to Saxe Point. It is a beautiful scenic place that overlooks the Juan De Fuca Straight. ..perfect for a Picnic. Grab some yummy foods and your favorite bottle of Wine! Spending quality time with Mom near the ocean, indulging in nature is all you need. .. and of course spending time with your Mom.    SAXE -PIC

DINNER – ZAMBRIS:  One of the most authentic style restaurants in Victoria. This beautiful place [owner’s Peter and Jo Zambri] ; was once located just outside of London Drugs on Yates St. Now located down the road in what we know as The Atrium (Also known as the new BC Ferries Building). Not to mention the amazing food, it won’t make a big dent in your wallet. Zambris is a great to start the night with mom (And Dad), close to cool pubs for after dinner drinks, movie theaters and much more.  Follow them on Twitter @ZambrisVictoria                  Zambris Pic




Now that you have a few things to do on this Mother’s Day, I hope you are all out celebrating with your Mom’s and loved ones ❤ ❤



… A Very Special note to my very own Mom… “I will see you very soon, I LOVE and MISS You so MUCH!! XOXOX!

Holistic Travel Kit


Travelling is one of those things that I love to do and cannot wait till I can go overseas again. As I traveled extensively all over to many different countries, packing became somewhat of a routine for me and I had mostly all of it down. I know how to down-size and take the necessities with me, without compromising too much. As a girl, I needed to make sure I had room for clothes and shoes 🙂

I also made sure I had the basic necessities for any health-related issues.. this is where this blog inspired me to write about the five must-have Holistic Travel Items to take with you when you travel.

Here they are …

My Top 5 Must-Have Holistic Travel Items:

  1.  Probiotics – Shelf-stable Probiotics are live culture strains that Do Not need to be kept in the refrigerator. Taking a Probiotic ensures your enhancing your probiotics-ultimate-flora picimmunity by increasing the gut flora which will help protect against infections and bacteria while keeping the ‘good’ bacteria present. By eating certain foods and drinking local tap water you may end up with parasites or a bacteria that can make you sick and by taking a probiotic will keep your immunity up, and the ‘bad’ bugs away as much as possible.
  2.  Tea Tree Oil – love this ‘essential’ oil. Tea tree is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. It is one of my Must-have’s on hand even here at home. I usually place a few drops (10-20) in a glass spray bottle – 200 ml –  and spray my linens, room, clothing and anything else I can think of that will benefit from a refreshing spray. You can also use it in your shampoo, your body wash and laundry. Just add a few drops to the product you wish to have. *Avoid using directly on skin as this will have a slight burn; and do not take orally.
  3. Calming Herbs CHILL PILLS-PICThis is totally my style right here.. sipping on a cup of calming tea, taking herbal ‘Chill Pills’ (yes really!). Chill Pills have a full spectrum of herbs that work on calming the mind to reduce stress such as L-Theanine -which helps to temporarily promote relaxation. B-Complex for nervous system support, Choline, Inositol, Passionflower + many other important minerals and herbs. This supplement will not make you drowsy and it is great for daytime use. Calming Teas are a great addition as well; unpack them from box and place them in a zip-lock bag to save room on packing. Great for those sometimes long travel stress days and time zone changes.
  4. Skin-soothing Natural Creams DermaMed-All-Purpose Balm picDerma Med skin care products have a wide range of Therapeutic Topicals  suited for many types of skin irritations. One of my favorites is the All-Purpose Balm that is ideal for rashes, dermatitis, hives and more. It has Calendula and Chamomile to soothe the skin and promote healing. This product comes in a small travel-size for your convenience.

5. All-In-One Soaps – These are a must-have when it comes to travelling..Brands like Everyone Dr.Bronner's Soap PicSoap and Dr. Bronner’s Fair trade Castille soap -made with pure essential oils; are top choices to take travelling. Dr. Bronner’s soaps have a variety of sizes which are convenient to pack with; you can purchase a 2L jug and re-fill a smaller sized container to take with you. This particular soap will need to be diluted slightly because it is concentrated. All-in-one Soaps are great for laundry, body and face wash, even dishes. The Everyone Soap brand can be used as shampoo, body and face wash and so this is convenient to take with you to lessen the products in your luggage.

What are some of your favorite travel ‘must-have’s’?

Share in the comments section 🙂

Happy Travels!

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Valentine’s Day ~ Chocolate Love <3

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to write about… Well what else, Chocolate! 

I wanted to share a few of my favourite Organic Dark Chocolate Bars.  These bars are made with real Raw Cacao that are high in antioxidants and minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Maganese, Selenium & Copper. 

1. Organicfair ~ true Artisan locally made chocolate on Vancouver Island. They are true crafters of gourmet fair trade products. Check out their website:

The “Coco-Milk” bar is vegan and made with Coconut Milk instead of whole milk. All bars are sweetened with Coconut Sugar; low glycemic, unrefined and higher minerals. 


2. Zazubean Organic Chocolate ~ Love this chocolate! I have been using it in my cookie and other baking  recipes. Zazubean started by two ladies out of Vancouver with a mission to make gourmet organic raw chocolate that is free trade.

3.  Righteously Raw ~ “Righteously Raw takes the term “minimally processed” to heart. They produce a “raw” chocolate, assuring that the cacao is never heated above 118 degrees. The low-temperature preparation means you’ll get as much flavonoid activity as possible.” Source: web.


There are so many more Delicious Dark Chocolate out there that definitely worth checking out.. ‘Camino, Wise One’ and more… Hope your Valentine’s Day was filed with Love & CHOCOLATE! 


For great deals on Raw Chocolate and ingredients to make your own check out Raw Elements website to receive 10% discount on all web orders. Use Code  HBL39 



Healing From a Distal Radius Fracture

I thought I would write about my experience having an injury where I fractured my distal radius bone in my right wrist March 2015, and what I did nutritionally to heal. What happened was I fell backwards off a high chair stool right onto a concrete floor; my wrist ‘broke’ the fall and that subsequently fractured my bone. I knew it was broken when I looked at it – it appeared ‘bent’.  😦  As soon as I arrived in the emergency room I was taken in straight away where I was    X-rayed, put under and that’s when the doctor performed a ‘Closed Reduction’ on my wrist to set the bone and cast it… when I awoke I was in a cast, was a surreal experience – the first bone broken in my entire life! ( and hopefully the Last! ).

The first report from the hospital that evening was; “There is a comminuted minimally displaced fracture of the distal radius demonstrating approximately 10 degrees of dorsal angulation of the radial articular surface. There is a mildly displaced fracture of the ulnar styloid as well.”  The Radius bone had a slight shift forward, and because of this, the Ulna has also shifted and now sticks out – quite a lot – it also had a piece broken off from the break of the radius.

The day the cast came off, I had envisioned my wrist to be somewhat back to normal, perhaps with a bit of stiffness and ROM, however when I first saw my wrist after being in a cast for a month, I was shocked at how weak my wrist had become..I could not hold it up by itself or grab onto anything such as a glass or any items – which is apparently how it is after such a break. It had to be supported or else it would ‘flop’ down. The X-ray done after my cast was removed showed a shift in my bone – radius had tilted approximately 10 degrees which now would mean surgery to correct the bone placement. (Ugh) For the whole month while in the cast, according to all the x-rays, it was stated the bone was properly positioned and set inline – so surgery was not needed.  Somewhere along the way my bone had shifted and was not noticed in any of the x-rays until my cast had come off.

This is the x-ray in the cast, just before it was removed (approximately a week before)..IMG_0160


..this was the day I had my cast removed; you can see the bone has shifted – and tilted quite a bit. The main reason for writing this blog is to share my experience and how it has changed the way I train at the gym; for example, I now cannot lift the same weight with certain angles of my arm because it impacts my wrist and puts a strain on the bone…so there is a bit of adjustment there. Thankfully I Can still do quite a bit with my wrist but have to be aware of the strain on it. There is still the surgery that is highly ‘recommended’. This involves a Ilium Crest Bone Graph (from hip) to build up bone in my wrist – it had lost length due to the displacement and position; also a titanium rod and screws!

I would love to hear feedback on this; has anyone had this type of injury, what did you do about it? How was your training affected? Did you have a long healing process? Did you have this type of surgery? What was the healing like for you and your day-to-day activities?  I will be writing a follow-up blog here soon after the surgery + some nutritional tips for healing.





7 Figure Cookies

Not only do they taste good, they make you Feel Good!  Good for your figure and only ‘7’ ingredients… Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free, no refined sugars..these cookies are healthy and YUMMY!


1/2 Cup Natural Tahini

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup Almond Milk – Or hemp/Rice etc

1/2 Cup coconut Sweetener

1/2 Cup Dark chocolate chips ( I use Zazubean-Nutbar )

1 Cup Oat Flour ( I grind up whole oats to make 1 cup )

Cinnamon – to taste



Preheat oven 350 degrees

Mix first 4 ingredients in bowl or with mixer;  Slowly add oat flour and mix well

Drop Tablespoon of mix onto baking sheet lined with parchment paper and flatten slightly

Bake for 10-15 mins ( oven temperatures may vary )

Hope you love these as much as I do, they are hard to keep away from especially my bf.. he Loves them!  the #vegancookiemonster


Shop at Raw Elements for your Superfoods + other baking ingredients and receive a 10% discount on web orders.. use coupon code ‘HBL39’   Raw Elements Image

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