Sunday Fun Day!

Sunday’s are ‘catch-up’ days for most .. am I right? I certainly love to do all my ‘catch-up’ chores on a Sunday too, but…. Sunday’s are also Fun Day’s! [Sunday-Fun-day]! So who’s to say we can’t get a little fun with pampering and treating our beautiful selves on this last day of the week-end?

First things first.. a day at the SPA… Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Massage… Umm Hmm, they all sound perfect to me!

Hair Styled.. it doesn’t have to be a full-on cut and colour; it could be just a blow-out styled ‘Do’…or scalp conditioning treatment, whatever gets you in the mood of the Sunday chill mode.

Dinner With Close Friends and Family … Right? .. Why not? Sunday’s (or any day really) are perfect to spend the day with family and friends. Who’s with me on that one? Love, Love my famJam time!

Time Alone – Meditate, Fitness …Sometimes all you need is a bit of time alone. We all have those moments where it’s like “I just need to have my own space today”, and I am definitely that person. Anyone of my close friends that know me, know that I LOVE my ‘space’ at any given time. It is sacred for me; I usually go for an outdoor run where I clear my mind – a perfect way to get ready for the week ahead.

Do a Little Writing...writing always puts me in a better mood, I love to write, whether it is journal, blogs or planning out some things – it is always a good feeling to write and get your thoughts, ideas and feelings out on paper ( or laptop ).

Baking…Ok! let’s be honest… how many of you LOVE to bake delicious cookies, muffins or protein bars?  I find baking is therapeutic and I can’t say there is anything wrong with a baking’s loads of fun, and you get to indulge in the goodness! Here are the ‘goods’ on where I purchase all my top of the line quality ingredients ( coconut oils, raw cacao, dates, nuts and more),check out the Raw Elements Website to receive a 10% Discount on all website purchases by using the Code HBL39.

Thanks for checking out my Blog go have some FUN! 🙂



Fit Friday’s – 5 Quick-fit Tips

Start your weekend right with these 5 quick-fit tips!

  1. Have an early morning sweat session; this could be whatever you desire ( even sex! 😀 ), a fun fitness class, outdoor run, dancing around your home – get in at least 30-45 mins.  You will  be thankful that you have done this!  My favorite way to”Wake-up” is have a VEGA Pre-Energizer before I workout. It is Plant Based and has no harsh stimulants.
  2. Eat a clean, healthy breakfast; this could be, organic eggs, sprouted grain toast; a bowl of oatmeal with hemp seeds and fruit (chopped apples); or a Greens Protein Smoothie. YUM!034
  3. Throughout your day; eat clean snacks and meals.; a large mix green salad with pumpkin seeds, avocado, sprouts, shredded purple cabbage, celery, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas. Just load the salad up with as much as you can – including FR Chicken, or Turkey, Salmon if you wish. Try Cashews or almonds with an apple or hummus and rice chips, or a plant-based protein bar such as VEGA Protein bars (I love them), as a healthy alternative for snacks throughout your day.
  4. Hydrate with clean pure water – away from your meals and preferably room temp. Maybe add a little fresh lemon for light cleansing and a light support for your LIVER.
  5. Finish your day light – meaning, lighten the ‘foods’ towards the later part of your evening. Why? Eating heavy rich foods late in the evening will compromise your weight loss goals. Eating heavy foods late will also disrupt sleep causing poor quality rest which we need for repair and recovery. Late night eating puts stress on the digestive system and liver as well so you may find waking up more ‘groggy’ and lethargic than usual.

What do you do to get fit quick?

Happy Friday!!! J

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Cleansing For Detoxification

Cleansing For Detoxification;

All of us can benefit from a detoxification cleansing program to help eliminate excessive toxins and foods from our bodies. Overload of these substances can contribute to congestion and stagnation in the body which often shows up as disease, especially degenerative disease. It also creates an acidic environment within the body’s cells which contributes too many symptoms of toxicity. The good news is the stagnation / congestion can be cleared from the body through cleansing and detoxification (fasting). To accomplish this, we need to support the body’s main organs of elimination.
The body has four doors of elimination; Liver, Colon, Kidneys, Skin and Lungs. We need to support these organs of elimination that will move the garbage out. If we detoxify without opening the doors of the body first, the result will be similar to trying to throw garbage out through a closed door. The important thing during detoxification is not to go faster than the organs of elimination can bear. That is why we need to support the organs as we detoxify. The liver helps transform many toxic substances into harmless agents, while the blood carries wastes to the kidneys; the liver also dumps wastes through the bile into the intestines, where much of the waste is eliminated. We also clear toxins through sweating from exercise and heat. Skin may also be accessory elimination organs whereby toxins can be released as with skin rashes.
Herbs Useful in Detoxification:
Blood Cleansers – Echinacea; Red Clover; Dandelion (Liver as well); Burdock; Yellow Dock; Oregon grape root
Laxatives – Cascara sagrada; Buckthorn; Dandelion; Yellow dock; Rhubarb root; Senna leaf; Licorice root
Diuretics –Parsley; Yarrow; Cleavers; Horsetail; Corn silk; Uva ursi; Juniper berries
Skin Cleansers / Diaphoretics –Burdock; Oregon grape root; Yellow dock; Goldenseal; Elder flowers; Peppermint; Cayenne pepper; Ginger root
The Liver IS the most important detoxification organ. The B vitamins along with Milk Thistle herb has been also shown to aid liver detoxification and repair. Several amino acids improve and support detoxification, particularly cysteine and methionine which contain sulfur. L-cysteine supplies sulfhydryl groups that help prevent oxidation and bind heavy metals such as mercury; vitamin C and Selenium aid in this process as well. Glutamine is another amino acid that is important in helping heal the gastrointestinal tract as well as reduce cravings for sugar and alcohol.
It’s important to note – as with any cleansing program, adding fiber also supports detoxification; it helps cleanse mucus along the small intestine and by creating bulk in the colon. This helps pull toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.
Remember, drinking pure filtered water should always be consumed during any type of detox program to help dilute and eliminate toxin accumulation; it is best to have water room temperature and away from meals as it can dilute the enzymes needed to properly break down foods for absorption. 🙂